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From developing a vision to staying focused on short- and long-term goals, from talking about the tough stuff to having fun whenever possible, these eight traits help project leaders build high-performance teams. Which ones do you already do well, and which ones might you work on? Building a high performance team is a lot of work, especially for the team leader. But as one manager said, it's a lot more work to not build a high performance team. Some leaders consistently demonstrate the traits necessary to make their teams into high performance teams. They can be taken out of one team, dropped into another and within 18 months, they'll have made the second team into a high performance team. Whether their old team stays high performance or not will depend upon the leadership traits of the new team leader. Develop a Vision More than anything, team leaders of high per... (more)

Packing for the Caribbean - Agile Decisions - Knapsack

So there you are, living in New York City - well actually it is Queens, but still... You're planning an extended weekend escape from city. You booked a great vacation in the Caribbean. Your flight is early next morning. You are in your bedroom packing. Considering the current restrictions, you are allowed only one piece of luggage and a small carry on to take onboard. You have only tonight to decide what to pack. You want to make sure, that you're packing just what you need. You remember how you've missed a proper mosquito repellant last year on your excursion to Alaska. Who would... (more)

Agile 101 - Three Practical Guidelines for Business Decisions

In order to create the combination between top-down problem-decisions (waterfall like approaches)and local problem-decisions (Agile project approach) here are practical guidelines to pursue Three practical complex decision-problems guidelines: Simple local rules Strategic top down rules Visual problem view We describe in detail, each practical guideline, below. Simple local rules This cannot be overstated. Local rules must be easy to follow. Whether these are rules for: a machine operator, traveling salesperson, a project coordinator, or you packing your bags. The local decision r... (more)

Leadership of Powerful Teams

The ongoing challenges of creating the magical bond between team members in small and big endeavors can be elusive. What more, in the last few decades it has become increasingly challenging, since we have been moving from emphasis on social skills and communities to technical and managerial skills. As a result the lore concerning the magic of teams has been lost. When I'm facilitating workshops for business professionals, project managers in software development, seminars for finance and IT professionals, consulting with marketing and supply chain experts, I am surprised to witnes... (more)

Leadership 101 – Inborn or Learned?

When I facilitate leadership workshops, usually before lunch break of the first day of three, there always appears this question. It emerges from the table on the farther right corner of the room. They have been quiet until now at that table, listening attentively but refraining from questions. They participated during the morning ice breakers, but have receded to the comfort of the corner. During my occasional strolls, I urge them to comment and question, and it is partially fruitful. And then - Bang!!! The question is asked. Almost blurted in a half apologetic tone, the person ... (more)